As I predicted last month, April was a down month. It was the lowest earning month of the year so far, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I expected.

I took 2 weeks off the sidehustle. I did nothing but enjoy Europe and make a daily vlog. There was next-to-no activity on social media, I ignored my email inbox, I ignored Twitter, and I mostly ignored Facebook.

No new technical content, nothing really.

And yet, $2529 of revenue. Either the daily vlog drove sales, thus proving my hypothesis that “Publishing anything at all, no matter what, drives sales”, or I have a solid baseline and my time spent writing articles, livecoding, and making videos is mostly wasted effort.

Then again, I enjoy doing it. It’s my idea incubator, and it does improve sales by a few thousand dollars. shrug

Here’s how it breaks down.

Total revenue: $2529

Gumroad sales: $857

  • React D3v4 preorders: $98 – fees
  • ES6 Cheatsheet: $7 – fees
  • React D3 ES6: $955 – fees

**Leanpub sales: ** $309

  • React D3: $22
  • React D3 ES6: $287

**React Native School: ** $1361

**Time investment: ** 68 hours

Costs: $1837

  • Editor: $500
  • VA: $368
  • Ads: $422
  • Drip: $184
  • Hosting: $10
  • LiveEdu account: $10
  • SumoMe: $99
  • Mailchimp: $20
  • Stock music: $99
  • CreativeCommons music: $12
  • Tech: $113

For the life of me, I can’t remember what tech purchase I made for $113. I’m sure it was necessary 🤔

The biggest waste of money was the stock music purchase. It seemed like a great idea for the vlogs, but all their stuff had that awful “this is stock audio” feel to it. The Creative Commons music on Soundcloud sounds a lot better.

**Net hourly rate: ** $10

Based on hourly rate economics, daily vlogging looks like a waste of time after all. ’Twas a fun experiment, tho.

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