That about sums it up. ?

I preordered in May on the day it was announced. I paid for it 3 days after Boosted said “You may throw money now”. I took my first test ride Saturday morning, and I took my first real ride Monday evening. It is divine.

Compared to my 1st generation Boosted Board™, it’s like ? vs ?. Both have the same 22mph top speed, but oh man. How do I even describe the difference?

Fuck yeah new Boosted! #boostedboards

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Don’t get me wrong, The old Boosted is frisky and dangerous and fun, but the new one is like whoa. You squeeze the throttle and you’re flying. Whooosh gone.

And it keeps accelerating all the way to top speed! There’s no tapering off, no hint of top speed approaching. One moment, you’re accelerating full blast; the next, you’re cruising at 22mph. That may not sound like a lot, but when you’re standing 80mm above the asphalt, it’s fast as hell.

Selfie sticks are fun #boostedboards #boosted #nofilter

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That’s an old video with my old Boosted. Imagine something even oomphier. It brings a smile to the face. A grin of joy.

Something a little more like this:

But what’s actually different? Was it worth shelling out another $1600 when my old Boosted Board™ still gets me places and still brings joy into my life?

Well, the wheels are still orange, and the deck is still wood. It’s an electric longboard that you drive with a throttle in your hand and steer with a lean. A helmet’s a good idea, too.

Boosted 2nd gen is smoother to ride, though. The wheels are bigger, and they have a solid core. This gives you more control in turns and less bumpiness on crappy San Francisco streets. The trucks are all new, too. They were designed just for Boosted, it would seem.

I never understood why skateboard trucks matter until now. You can tell the difference right away; it’s like night and day. It’s precise, it’s consistent, it reacts to every input from your ankle, especially if you buy some bushings that fit your weight and calibrate the board.

Mine’s hella turny.

It’s also got better bearings now. The old boards had industrial bearings that do the job, but they weren’t the smoothest thing out there. The new boards have those fancy black bearings that let the wheel spin forever and ever and ever.

If you’ve never put expensive bearings in your board before, man, you should. I have a cheap longboard with expensive bearings, and it was the best commuter board ever until I got a powered Boosted Board™.

I haven’t ridden my old longboard since. No point.

Oh, and the new Boosted Board™ has water-resistant electronics and batteries with twice the range. Little, irrelevant details. ?

If you commute a lot with UberPOOL or something similar, you should get a Boosted Board™. At two rides per day, it becomes cheaper than UberPOOL after 6 months. 3 months for UberX.


Out of Uber, Lyft, bus, car or Boosted Board™, which one do you think will make you smile every day? For me, that’s the Boosted Board™.

And now that I have two, I’m selling the old one. Do you want it? Email me.

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