Loading … random logic.

Dream of Pixels

Dream of Pixels

Images … misplaced.

Numbers … unidentified.

Enter … erase.

A few days ago I got my grubby little paws on Dawn of Play‘s next iOS game Dream of Pixels.

Dram of Pixels is a simple game, one of those addicting little buggers you play whenever you’re waiting for a bus, something to compile or the person you are talking to takes 2.3 seconds too long to respond. Think tetris, but in reverse.

Your goal is to clear falling lines of pixels by chopping out the familiar shapes from Tetris. There’s also a puzzle level and a nightmare and some things I haven’t unlocked yet. Topping it all off is a very nice soundtrack, shiny looks and a sexy female voice saying strange things about random logic.

After losing the game lets you share an animated screenshot of the last thing you saw before waking up from the dream.

You should pester @zigah111 to give you access to the beta. It’s really fun.

I'm not actually very good at this

I’m not actually very good at this


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