Elementary title scene

Being the paragon of originality, american television creators are doing yet another remake of an amazing BBC series. This time they’re taking a shot at Sherlock.

Unlike their usual efforts, however, they didn’t mess this one up. I watched the season premier of Elementary this morning and I have to say it’s good. Very good!

While the wikipedia page assures me this is not in fact a remake, but a completely independent production, there are still a striking number of similarities between the two. Possibly making a modernization of Sherlock Holmes into the current time, simply looks very similar, it’s nontheless obvious CBS was influenced by BBC’s Sherlock.

That paragraph didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m saying they’re similar. Very similar.

Sherlock title scene

For instance, look at the title screen – establishing shot of the city and title of show. London in the morning, New York City in the evening.

Coincidentally, BBC’s show is about a young Sherlock in his prime. CBS’s Elementary is about Sherlock Holmes after a career as a Scotland Yard consultant who fled to Brooklyn to treat some manner of drug addiction.


Both shows feature great production values, awesome music, three episodes per season and terrific acting. Can I call two shows similar because they’re both high quality?

Is that a thing? Have we really gone so far that “being well made” is a recognizable trait of a television series? That’s sad …

That said, Elementary features a lovely twist on the Sherlock Holmes universe – Watson is a woman. Played by Lucy Liu of all people. Marvelous! Don’t worry, it’s still going to be a bromance, except one of the bros is a girl.

Can’t wait to see more.

CBS's Sherlock Holmes

CBS's Sherlock Holmes

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