People have been asking how I sidehustle, what makes it work, and whether when the sums are up, if it's worth the time. Would I not be better off just getting a better paying job?

If that job was as a fancy pants senior engineer at Facebook… probably, yeah. But what's the fun in that? 3 hours commuting every day.

So here's the breakdown for February 2017 ?

Total revenue: $3,875

Gumroad sales:

  • ES6 Cheatsheet: $30 -fees
  • React+D3v4 preorders: $1,029 -fees
  • React+D3 ES6: $848 -fees

Leanpub sales: $255

  • Why Programmers Work at Night: $8.5
  • React+D3js: $69
  • React+D3 ES6: $177

React Native School: $1,840

Time investment: 46 hours

Cost: $2,382

  • AppSumo: $99
  • Editor: $550
  • VA: $349
  • Camtasia Upgrade: $120
  • DSLR to improve videos: $800
  • Studio lighting + mic arm: $160
  • Drip: $184
  • Hosting: $10
  • LiveEdu pro account: $10
  • Facebook ads: $100


  • 2 React Native lectures
  • 3+ Livecoding sessions
  • 7 blog posts
  • some React+D3v4 progress on the animation chapter

This has been an expensive month. ? I've decided to go hard on video, and I wasn't happy with the quality. You can see a big improvement just with studio lighting.

Bottom left corner. See how much better I look with a good light? Yes, magnificent screenshot to show this off, I know. ?

Net hourly rate: $32 pre-tax

Not too bad, gotta work on my unit economics ?

…and find time to update the React+D3 landing page. It's still selling the old stuff LOL.

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