Packt convinced me to bite the d3.js bullet once more. Following the [hugely successful?] Data Visualization with d3.js book, I am now working on a video course aimed at advanced users.

It’s going to be chock full of going into details about layouts, data manipulation, geography and other fun stuff. Definitely none of that “This is how you place a SVG element. This is how you bind data to elements. This is how you …”


Pretty much all d3.js screencasts and courses I was able to find focus on beginners. There will be none of that here, I’m going to assume you’ve made at least three things with d3.js before tackling my videos.

So roughly the same experience I’ve got.

That said, I made a sample screencast last week to test the process out. The topic will fit towards the end of the course, where I try to explain the design part of visualisations.

Now, this is my first ever recording of a screencast. I have no idea what I’m doing. Do not be gentle! If there’s something wrong, I have to know. Now!

If you tell me I suck six months from now when the course is published, it will be too late. Tell me my accent sucks, now. Tell me I speak at a funny pace, now. Tell me you can’t understand what I’m saying, now.

And tell me I need a better mic. Then suggest which one I should get because this was recorded on the default apple headphones microphone.

Also, I’m going to need volunteers to beta read my scripts and beta watch the videos. The schedule says scripts will be coming out at a decent cadence of one every two weeks over the next two months. Then I’ll be making the screencasts themselves over summer and the course should be out in September.

I’m making this for you guys. Help me make it awesomer.

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