Last time I sat in a gokart was much too long ago. About ten years ago I think and it almost doesn’t count anyway. Electric indoor karting for ten minutes, bleh.

Last time I drove a real gokart was at some auto show or another when I was ten. Not sure if they still have those, but it used to be common in Slovenia for gokart racing teams to put up a small race track in the parking lot of a big auto show and let people race.

Yesterday I got to go again.

So. Much. Fun.

Screw bacon and sex, give me a small petrol monster and a track and I’m in heaven. Everything else pales in comparison. I can’t even explain it.

It’s just so … exciting. Exciting is too weak a word. Invigorating?

Well let’s be honest, it’s just adrenaline and your brain desperately fighting to keep you alive through the madness. If you’ve ever had a 15 minute adrenaline high, you know what I mean. Sure, there’s many ways to get an adrenaline high, but motor sports have the best sustainedness.

Everything else is just short bursts.

You can race down a hill on a longboard. But after a minute, you have to spend a while walking back up or waiting for the shuttle.

You can surf a gnarly wave. But after a few seconds, it’s back to fighting for your life on the edge of drowning and trying to find the lineup again.

You can walk up to a cute girl and say “Hi”. But all the adrenaline is in the walk up, which lasts all of ten seconds.

You can hop on a bike and race down a narrow woodland path. But the longer the hill lasts, the longer it will take you to get back up.

You can jump off a plane. But from what I hear that doesn’t last very long either.

Motor sports … that just goes and goes and goes. As long as there’s something in your fuel tank, you can keep going. Every turn a bit more on the edge. Every overpass a bit more aggressive. Every straight you accelerate sooner and brake later.

That feeling when you’re neck-and-neck. Wall closing in from one end, gokart closing you in from the other. And you don’t let up. It’ll work out. It has to work out, or you’ll be in a world of hurt.

You scrape the wall and the other guy, but you get through. Bam! Next corner.

Luckily, gokarts are super safe. At least the kind of gokarts they let normal humans drive. You’ll be fine even if you let go of any sense of self-preservation you had left.


Unless somebody ignores a yellow flag and smashes into your back full throttle with such force their glasses fly out of the helmet. Yeah that happened, I have no idea how …

… but I can’t wait to do this again. If I wasn’t a programmer, I’d definitely be a race car driver.

Mostly I just want another go so I can wipe that grin off the guy who won. I came 2nd and it bothers me.


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