Google has turned into one of those “Yeah we’re just like Facebook, but with a cleaner design and without annoying ads. Can you invest half a million dollars mister VC? kthxbai” startups.

This is a company making self driving cars for fuck’s sake, they should know better!

Just look at the screenshots.


New Google+

New Google+

Facebook timeline

Facebook timeline

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  • Hm… Seeing the two designs side by side like that makes me see all the differences. Well yes they both have the same basic elements but I couldn’t say they look the same – just take a look at the google side navigation thingy.

  • ohh so that’s how the time line thingy looks like …

  • The differences are on the level of syntactic sugar. There is no real difference in UX thus, as far as I am concerned, the two designs are the same.

    Sure, G+ presents the sidebar thingy … FB has the same crap up on top … but as a sidebar on all its mobile apps.
    Okay, the G+ avatar is on the right side. Big whoop.

    G+ is single column for actual posts … FB is two column.

    Chat is bottom right for both of them.

    Essentially you could write a CSS stylesheet to make a FB timeline look like a G+ profile …

    I would expect significant innovation from Google.

  • Well, I kinda like the idea of just one column for posts, it’s much cleaner. That sidebar thingy is really nice to, but I have to agree, they are basically the same.