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Today I learned that old movies are even better when you watch them in a proper vintage theatre. Went to Stanford Theatre to watch Audrey Hepburn‘s Roman Holiday and it was quite possibly the best moviegoing experience I have ever had. There’s just something special about going to a place where they still put up the schedule above the front door like you sometimes see in “old” movies … then again, a lot of places around here still seem to do that.

And I really loved the fact that even though this was a romantic comedy it didn’t have one of those gushy sugary endings where the main characters end up living happily ever after. There was closure, yes, but a happy ending … guess it depends on how you look at it.

Another thing that I learned today is that Appcelerator is pretty cool technology. Haven’t managed to play too much with it because I was struggling with the IDE they shove down your throat when you’re starting out, but it looks like it might add a whole new possible dimension to what I can do with JavaScript.

But I guess we’ll see tomorrow when I start to really play around with the thing.

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