Randall Munroe with some ducks

Today I learned that I have been using duck typing since pretty much forever. Used to always think that it was something special and particularly freaky that only lives inside Lisp. Today, for some reason or another, I went to read about it in a bit more depth … perhaps because I’m allowed on wikipedia and not much else and it was an article on wikipedia.

Turns out whenever you don’t give a flying fuck about the type of an object but only care that it behaves like you expect, you’re magically doing duck typing.

Another thing I figured out is that an hour of internet a day isn’t all that bad. Turns out when you’re not online 24/7 things become much less interesting … or your interestingness threshold goes up … “the internet” used to take me all day to get through, now I’m done in half an hour. It might not be enough to read all the articles that look interesting in depth, but it’s enough to scan over the HackerNews titles to get a feel for what’s going on.

But the fact I can’t click on random links, or check what all those red alert numbers on my phone are … is killing me. That impulse you get to go spend some time on the interwebs … grargh.

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