It's an Android!

Today I learned that the Google Store isn’t publicly accessible. Didn’t expect this at all, but I’m glad I know someone from Google and could buy some crap I don’t actually need anyway. But those plushies are so fucking fluffy I’m gonna die! (that was a reference by the way, did you catch it?)

Another thing I learned is that I have zero knowledge about how memory management works in node.js. Had a process misbehaving today that looked like there was a huge memory leak. The damn thing was wasting something like 400 megs of RAM without doing anything.

Started exploring and trying to figure out what could be leaking … voila, boom, memory use drops to normal levels. I even tried some experiments that I was certain would produce memory leaks (leaving references to scopes inside closures and so on) and nothing I tried wanted to produce a memory leak.

And no matter what I tried the server process just wouldn’t do anything stupid again. I should look into this more.

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