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Today I learned that updating my laptop to Mac OSX Lion caused a very strange issue with my home wireless network. Actually I learned the issue was tehre as soon as I got back home, but didn’t really have time to look into it … apparently it no longer supports WPA encryption and my router doesn’t support anything stronger than WPA. Sad, I know, but that’s what it is.

The only symptom of this is an error report along the liens of “There is a timeout” and instantly dropping the connection. When I turn off encryption the damn thing connects happily as ever. Now granted WPA isn’t very strong, but it’s still stronger than nothing … the only sense I can see here is that Apple wants to protect me from a false sense of security?

Guess I’m getting a new wi-fi router soon. Any recommendations?

Another thing I learned is that it is much cheaper to buy twelve fluffy things for a whiteboard eraser than a new eraser. You can only buy twelve at a time otherwise I would have bought one since this one has lasted me what … two, three years? Well ever since I got a whiteboard at home anyway. So I think I’m good until the end of time with this batch.

Of course I’ll lose them first and have to buy a new pack every time I want to replace. Good business model that, sell twelve times as much as the customer needs, produce endless amounts of waste.

Oh and everyone got their postcards today. Yay!

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