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Today I learned that yesterday’s post where I spoke about the wonderful statics textbook that architects use it sounded a bit like a scathing review not only of the book itself, but the people reading it and that this was a bit … unkind, even mean.

To be honest, all that stuff I just found funny, there was actually a lot of interesting new things in the book as well. Like did you know wood only burns at a pace of 0.6mm per minute, retains core structural integrity and that despite being the most flammable building material is still the best thing for a fire due to poor heat conductivity and that it doesn’t collapse under heat like metals do? Or become brittle like concrete?

And … uhm … some complex stuff about why things stand up and how all of that works.

Another thing that I learned was that the Official Moleskine iPad App is crap. Was writing a rather lengthy blogpost last night – I find it easier to draft these things up somewhere other than the blog. Especially the more proper ones. After two hours of writing I pressed a button and the whole post vanished.

No ability to get it back or anything.

Moleskine iPad App … you do not behave like a notebook! Why can’t you be as awesome as a real Moleskine?

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