Today I learned that the next time I think “I should write this down for later” I will fucking write it down. Because today I learned something awesome, and I was like “Oh this will be perfect for the evening blog! I should write it down”.

My very next thought was that it’s too awesome and I will surely remember it.

I didn’t.

At least now I know what all those moleskines I keep carrying around are for. Writing down this sort of crap damn it. And I might just be repeating this so it imprints in my brain like a pavlovian reflex of some sort. Write shit down Swizec!

Another thing I learned is that when you try to add my blog into Google Reader it doesn’t automagically work even though the RSS links are right there in the . Seems the first link is empty and that’s somehow very wrong and horrible.

Thanks to Jimi Malcolm for letting me know. I’d link to your twitter or something, but don’t know it.

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