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Today I learned that an abundance of studying can be damaging to the brain and general well-being of a person.

You can tell something is wrong when at some point you find yourself trying to calculate the expected value of a random variable defined as {2,2,2,2,2,2,2} using the long form. And you even use so much sense as to shorten everything up by just multiplying the sum of all probabilities with 2! (essentiall 2*1)

Yep, I actually wrote out two whole members of the summation series before realizing what I was doing …

Another thing I learned is that I actually did write down that thing I said yesterday I didn’t write down, but forgot I had written it down. What I had learned yesterday was that levenshtein distance and hamming distance are pretty similar beasts. The first is a measure of the number of changes you need to perform to turn a string into a different string, whereas the latter is only about the number of substitutions to be performed.

And yes, that passes for super interesting these days.

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