Here’s my crazy plan: I want to launch React+D3js ES6 v2 in the first week of October. This time as a free upgrade for current users.

It’s a free upgrade because there was too much messiness when I launched the rewrite of my 2015 book of almost the same title. It wasn’t worth the effort and unhappiness that it causes.

When my editor edits this post, he will shit his pants because I haven’t told him yet. But I hope it works out. ?  [EDITOR’S NOTE: I was a bit surprised.]

The plan so far looks like this:

  • man up and fix all these bugs that @micahstubs reported
  • remove all the environment setup stuff and replace it with create-react-app
  • improve the animations chapter
    • add more theoretical explanation
    • break down concepts better
    • add transitions approach
    • discuss pre-made libraries and when to use them
  • add a chapter on using canvas for rendering
  • talk about achieving high performance
  • add a chapter on visualizations in react-native
  • build a server-side visualization rendering example

And biggest of all → wrestle 36 hours of live coding video into a coherent video course that’s worth proper money. Something on the level of those epic React+D3 workshops we did with Freddy1, but online and scalable and actually longer.

I’m sure 36 hours of video is enough to build a killer course. All I need is some help with editing.

Question: What did I miss? What did I not put in the content plan, but should?

  1. 3 workshops happened. The 1st was okay, the 2nd was pro bono for Women Who Code, and the 3rd was sold out at ForwardJS. ↩︎

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