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Conference speaker

Swizec Teller


Hey You,

Thanks for listening to my talk on using React and d3.js for datavizualisation. You can play the space invaders game I showed you on the left.

Talk slides

Reusable dataviz with React&d3 (keynote)

Reusable dataviz with React&d3 (pdf)

Sample projects

Space Invaders

Random event ticker

Histogram of tech salaries for immigrants

Job candidate threshold visualization

jQuery wrapper for React

Random scatterplot visualization

Book & video course

I've got two products that will help you with this stuff. A video course Mastering d3.js published with Packt, and a self-published book React+d3.js

Mastering d3.js video course walks you through a large-ish project built in pure d3.js using 3 hours of video material broken down per topic. It's got a 5 star rating on Udemy.

React+d3.js walks you through a small visualization built in React and d3.js. The higher tiers come with a 1 hour screencast, and you can get 1-on-1 consulting as well. Readers love it.