"Dude if we never had you we woulda been so fucked"
~ Phillip Nazarian

About Swizec Teller

Swizec is a geek with a hat.

He focuses on fixing spaghetti code produced by the rapid pace of early-stage startups and helps young teams hit their targets. He will only help those whose users are also their customers.

He challenged himself to understand 52 academic papers in 52 weeks. You can follow his progress here.

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Why programmers work at night

People who work at night get used to being called lazy slobs despite being more productive. The early bird does not always catch the worm, sometimes it meets a cat.

Why programmers work at night talks about the flow of programming, why it's easier to achieve at night and what programmers need to feel productive and keep their sanity.

"My girlfriend loved your book!" ~ Jan Hančič

When learning d3.js on your own there is often a feeling of Step 1: Draw two circles, Step 2: Draw the rest of the owl. Data visualization with d3.js aims to bridge that gap.

It uses complete examples that take you from basic shapes on a page to full blown examples. There is no magic here, no steps left unexplained. You will understand everything that goes into making a visualization with d3.js.


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Swizec had every­one simul­ta­ne­ously laugh­ing, com­mis­er­at­ing and applaud­ing with his epic tale of blood, sweat, tears and rewrites. This ses­sion also fea­tured the sin­gle best quote of the entire con­fer­ence: “Edi­tors are hor­ri­ble people”.
~ Kay Smoljak


Some of the more notable past and present projects