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    About Swizec Teller

    Swizec speaking at Reactathon 2022
    Swizec speaking at Reactathon 2022

    👋 Hi I'm Swizec - a geek with a hat - and 13 years ago I was just like you: starting my career.

    Looking for "real" engineering jobs, dreaming of FAANG, and making $7/hour building websites. Europe ain't no San Francisco that's for sure 😅

    Through hard work and perseverance, I made it into Silicon Valley 💪 Got a high 6-figure job, a nice sidehustle, and plenty in the bank.

    Now I want to show you everything I learned both technical and not. Mindsets, tactics, and technical skills.

    You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and YouTube, or email me at hi@swizec.com

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