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Serverless React

Most professional engineers can't build an app from scratch

Learn how to build fast modern webapps from idea to launch with ServerlessReact.Dev

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You're a brilliant engineer. Great at your job. Someone gives you a spec and you get it done. Bam 💪

But you can't ship a product on your own.

You work with others. They're slow. They're busy. There's meetings. Committees. Pull requests. Managers. Approvals. So much work about work that doesn't deliver value to users.

Every little thing involves a designer, a JavaScript expert, a CSS professional, a backend engineer, a database person, the QA team, the devops folks, the ...

It takes you months to turn a star button into a like button.


What if you could grab an idea by the horns and build the damn thing? Own a feature from start to finish?

Check out Serverless React 👉

React for Data Visualization

Stop copy pasting D3 examples, create data visualizations of your own

Learn how to build scalable dataviz components your whole team can understand with React for Data Visualization

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So you want to build a beautiful data viz. You've got data burning a hole through your pocket, an idea for a juicy story, and your boss or client are waiting for results.

You want something that looks great, works in the browser, performs on mobile, lets users interact with their data, syncs across an entire dashboard, and works as building blocks for future projects.

Cool ... now what?

"I've tried D3 in the past, found it powerful but a bit confusing to use"

Dynamic data visualization for the web is a pain in the ass you see. Harder than it looks.

Yeah sure anyone can build a chart in google docs but that's not what you're after is it? You can't build a product on top of google sheets. You definitely can't feed in dynamic data from an API, personalized to the user, and let them navigate and explore.

You've heard people build these amazing things with D3. The New York Times uses it, The Guardian does, so do Netflix, Uber, 23andMe, Visa, Walmart, and many others. I know because they've been to my workshops ;)

You hunt the web for examples and omaigod what is this!? How the hell is D3 doing that? 😳😳

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