Swizec Teller

A geek with a hat.

Hi, I’m a digital nomad and full stack web engineer.

I travel the world and help startups win. From setting up new teams and training juniors, to fixing spaghetti code and implementing new features.

My code has been used by MasterCard, Commerzbank, Google, Mashable, Lyft, and many others.

When I’m not coding, I’m writing.

At least 5000 people bought my books ... I don’t know if that’s a lot, but it’s more than zero. I like that.

My work has been featured in Business Insider, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, and several dead-tree magazines. I’ve spoken on BBC Radio, appeared on Slovenian national television, and given talks all over the world.

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Some of my consulting clients

"Swizec grasped complex ideas imemdiately and required no micromanagement, which gave me more time to focus on overall strategy. A project lead's dream. A beautiful dream."
~ Sherman Boyd, founder

I developed custom software for a self-contained mail server device. As of early 2015 the project is gearing up for a Kickstarter launch.

Tech: node.js, html5, Angular.js
"Dude, if we never had you we woulda been so fucked"
~ Phillip Nazarian, cofounder

I was "the older guy" for a team of Stanford grads building a groceries on demand product. We went from idea to first paying customers in a month. As of early 2015, the team has pivoted into MathCrunch.

Tech: Ruby on Rails, Less, Backbone.js, Heroku, Circle CI

I joined a team developing custom risk and compliance software used internally at Google, Lyft and other web startups. On top of adding features and fixing bugs, I am streamlining their hiring and onboarding processes, and improving engineering practices.

Tech: Flask, Can.js, Compass, AppEngine, Travis CI

I built custom features required by MasterCard after the startup's old team fell apart. We ultimately failed to meet the deadline, but as of early 2015 the team is still going strong.

Tech: node.js, Angular.js, HTML5

I added unit testing and proper currencies support to a global payments processing startup. The state of their codebase had started impacting their post Series A growth. As of early 2015, the company has pivoted into a pay-your-friends service.

Tech: ruby on rails

Improved the stability of a commodities trading platform for a Swiss startup. It was used by some major European banks and ultimately got acquired by Commerzbank.

Tech: node.js, backbone.js, jQuery

Got a cool startup with bad code? You should email me here: hi@swizec.com

My Books

Why programmers work at night
Why programmers work at night

The early bird does not always catch the worm, sometimes it meets a cat.

Programmers often work on unusual schedules that do not jive with the modern 9-5 office culture. They don't even do their best work at offices.

This book shows programmers and those around them that there's a better way.

"My girlfriend loved your book!" ~ Jan Hančič

Data Visualization with d3.js

When you're learning d3.js on your own you often feel like Step 1: Draw two circles, is followed by Step 2: Draw the rest of the owl. My book aims to bridge that gap.

I guide you through complete examples from basic shapes on a page to full blown visualisations. There is no magic here, no steps left unexplained. You will understand everything that goes into making a visualization with d3.js.


Creating dynamic data visualizations on the web is a pain in the ass.

You either have to use dumbed down libraries that won't let you do what you want, or make everything from scratch. Every time.

You want a quick way to build complex visualizations. Build once, use everywhere. In every project. Don't believe me? Scroll down.

With React+d3.js you'll learn how to build re-usable visualization components in about an hour.

Some of my talks

Photo by WriteTheDocs

Swizec had every­one simul­ta­ne­ously laugh­ing, com­mis­er­at­ing and applaud­ing with his epic tale of blood, sweat, tears and rewrites. This ses­sion also fea­tured the sin­gle best quote of the entire con­fer­ence: “Edi­tors are hor­ri­ble people”.
~ Kay Smoljak about my talk at WTD Hungary 2014
First talk of the conference that made me want to close my laptop
~ lowk3y about my keynote at Drupal Alpe Adria 2014


Some of my more notable personal projects.