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    Boost your career with Swiz's BFCM 2021

    Swiz eating a BFCM banana
    Swiz eating a BFCM banana

    Hey 👋

    The software engineering market is heating up. VCs and crypto are sloshing money like it's free, companies are vying for remote competition, and even BigTech is offering huge out-of-band raises.

    Folks are getting 30%+ compensation bumps just for staying put. That never happens 🤯


    But the market is bimodal, if not trimodal.

    Salary gains are going towards senior engineers and technology experts. Folks who can drive the company forward with little to no supervision.

    It's like hiring a plumber or going to the hairdresser.

    Do you want the plumber who asks you what to do, or the plumber who looks at your issue, makes a plan, and explains how they'll fix it?

    At the hairdresser, do you like to carefully explain that your hair should be cut by 0.5in in the front and 0.7in on the back, oh and make it 1.5in shorter on the side ... oooooor do you like to say "You know hair, make me look good"

    Now imagine this plumber or hairdresser was a software engineer and you're making a $700,000+ investment over 4 years. Who do you hire?


    To help you jump on the rocketship career 🚀 track, I'm offering my books and courses at 30% off this week.

    React for Dataviz

    Learn how to combine React and D3 for powerful data experiences with 30% off my best selling video course – React For Dataviz

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    Serverless Handbook

    Learn everything you need to dive into modern backend technologies with 30% off the Serverless Handbook digital edition.

    You can read on the web, download pdf, epub, or mobi.

    The Serverless Handbook is designed to go beyond a tutorial. You'll learn how to think in serverless, when to use it, what to do with data, and how to understand the tradeoffs.

    Apply your knowledge to any cloud function provider ✌️

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    Senior Mindset Mastermind

    Learn how to think like a true senior engineer with a private community and bi-weekly group coaching calls. We discuss everything from how to lead projects, to breaking down barriers, and working on empowered teams.

    Join us to learn about the soft skills, insights, and mindsets that make the difference between fizzling out and being a rocketship.

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    Funfact: adopting a Senior Mindset has been a huge boon for me personally

    Swizec Teller encouraging you to Be An Expert avatarSwizec Teller encouraging you to Be An Expert@Swizec
    Over the last 2 years my cash salary went up by $75,000 🥳

    No promotions, no extra effort, no faff. Just showing up every day and applying principles from

    way easier than quitting your job and going solo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If you feel any of these are for you, offer's valid until Sunday, the 28th.


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