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A flight

It is 8 o'clock airplane time and I just got caught red handed making some unauthorized tea.

It's a bit boring up here, I've already watched two movies, did some actual work, read about 70 pages of Ulysses, transfered a bunxh of music to the iPad, drank hundreds of cups of water, three cups of tea, had fi ve walks, ten bathroom breaks, and ate two chocolate bars.

All @skatey has done is sleep. Ha!

We find out who's better at evading jet lag tomorrow. He'll be getting lots of sleep, while I'll be arriving at San Francisco quite sleepy, but after an 8 hour sleep should wake up in the correct timezone.

Anywho, I was back in the rear galley. Just sort of loitering. And I figured the pots of hot water and adjacent baggie of tea were just as self service as the trays of water and juice and the buckets of chocolate.

Just as I proceeded to help myself a very cross flight attendant told me I can't just do that. Something about those specific baggies of yummy tea being for the big pot ... then she gave me some el cheapo tea in a small baggy.

Also, her "good god man, stop being an idiot and let me do my job, i hatebeing here because of assholes like you" look was sooper cute.

Another thing I noticed in the last eight hours trapped in this tiny chair and surrounded by incredibly dry air is that laptops are the most perfectly impractical device for economy flying.

iPads fare much better, but lack the ability to ... work well with dried out fingers. Stupid fake climate!

It's a mystery how I felt like doing a bit of creative writing when I started out wr iting this post, but ended up with this rather monotonous drivel. Maybe I should just stick to programming.

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Published on October 14th, 2010 in Jet lag, San Francisco, Tea, Uncategorized

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