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    A little bit of burn out? Perhaps

    This whole week has been one sluggish lazy blur.

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    Yes I know it's only Thursday.

    All week the earliest I ventured outside the apartment was at noon. And I just didn't do anything very productive at all for some reason. Whenever I did do some work it was at a slow leisurely pace. A few clicks here. Tap tap there. Point point test yonder.

    Like, for example, instead of working hard on building a testing framework for my machine learning frameworks last night I ... invited the girlfriend over, had a nice and comfortable dinner (unfortunately not a very tasty one) then watched a movie or somesuch and went to bed earlier than midnight.

    No, cuddling is not being productive.

    And today we watched television, TELEVISION, until something like 12 o'clock and went off into the great wide open to find new adventures.

    Yep, the whole week has been one big lazy yawn with a bit of running and exercise and a little productivity. Hell, it's already Thursday and I've only been productive 43 hours this week! Ew! If I didn't love it so much I'd almost be disgusted with myself.

    But truth be told, I absolutely needed a week just like this. I don't really deal well with proper vacations, get too bored. So this is perfect for me, have a week like normal people for once.

    It's nice. Guilty pleasures are always the bestest.

    Do people really survive their whole lives on only 9-ish hours of productivity every day excluding weekends?

    I don't know if I can really believe that ... someone enlighten me.

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    Published on April 15th, 2010 in life, Uncategorized

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