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    A roadtrip: First leg

    Roadtrip Croatia

    Here I am. Here we are, on a roadtrip of epic proportions ... or rather, as much as you can pack into ten days.

    This is the main event of the summer, the reason I borrowed @smotko's car. The plan is to make it down to Dubrovnik - some 600km away from home - visit Bruce Lee's statue in Mostar, then go visit some Croatian islands for a few days of proper lounging around the beach like a pair of cows.

    Yesterday at ungodly hours in the morning the expedition was launched. So far the journey's included:

    • hoards of cow-eyed tourists with their brain shut off, trying to take the single best picture of Plitvice Lakes ... no idea why they bothered, of course ours are going to be best.
    • discovering Croatia is actually beautiful - but only inland Dalmatia, the flatland on the way to EXIT was weird and the coast is full of lazy cowstourists
    • a scary old house without working electricity
    • sleeping on the balcony of said house ... and later inside, with all the ghosts keeping us company
    • hydroelectric power plant inside a fucking mountain
    • one of the best looking longboarding roads ever ... with maaaaaaybe just a bit too much traffic ... maybe, we'll see, I might have to sneak out while @ponywithhiccups isn't looking
    • huge wind tourbines! very huge!
    • getting to know the interior of Car, very very well

    Oh and we took some possibly good photos. Take a look, y'know, if you want to. I'm a blogpost not a cop.

    Plitvice Lakes - where boats chase trains


    Jesus was a chump, this is how you do it

    The greenest green

    *whisper* I see dead trees


    Down, down, down

    Roadtrip - the picture

    View from the longboard road

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    Published on July 27th, 2012 in Croatia, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Jesus, Mostar, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Roadtrip, Travel + Events

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