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    An engineer's view on philosophy

    Disclaimer: I am writing this on my phone while walking to work

    Reading a funny comic on philosophy vs. engineering and a short discourse on twitter has got me to thinking.

    Just why is there such a huge divide between engineers and philosophers?

    Because philosophers are annoying brats.

    Most of it comes from their general inability to actually think, that is to say, consider all the variables.

    For example, a philosopher will natter on and on about how a copy of a copy is an original and completely indistinguishable from the original and arguing that it is now magically impossible to tell which came first.

    All the while programmers have been copying variables left and right to good use and distinguishing them quite well for over 60 years.

    The philosophers still don't quite know whether a copy is an original or a copy.

    Now while I do think philosophy has made some marvelous contributions to our society - like inventing mathematics, most of the time it's just about being a colossal brat and regurgitating memorised thousands of years of actual thinking to look smart.

    Then again, like a guitar, a good way to impress chicks.

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    Published on May 12th, 2010 in Philosophers, Philosophy, Uncategorized

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