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    Change is good, change we like

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    There are many types of changes in the world. For example we have climate change, which is something most agree is inevitable and quite a few concluded is happening a dash too rapidly at current pace and is thus catastrophically bad. But what does the Change feel like hmm? Would YOU like to be called catastrophically bad? It's not her fault that she's bad for humans and most other life on the planet, she's just what the butterflies made her.

    The change most of us are more familiar with though are the types of changes that happen daily. There are good and there are bad. And then there are the really nasty delayed types, like for example my recent resignation. I thought much would change and the world would turn upside-down instantly, what actually happened was ... nothing. Contractual obligations dictate when I quit I'm actually quitting for two months down the road, wherever that is.

    Change can also be very personal, like how I've become a lazy slob who sleeps far too much lately and can't meditate regularly to save his life. I don't know why this happened, nobody does, but it did and it's change and is therefore by definition good since it fights stale stupor in its drunken haze.

    Yes, change and consistency constantly slug it out day to day, minute to minute, both drunk out of their bloody minds. Why? They just do, it's the basic law of the universe. Some might even say it's divine inspiration, god, yahveh, whatever they may name the concept so it feels that little bit more familiar and less daunting.

    Oh and then there's monetary change - the little bits of stamped metal that bring joy to one's heart and make them feel like they haven't spent quite so much money. Delightful!

    PS: the change currently plaguing me is the office going from "stocked with milk for tea" to "no more milk" since yesterday. Most disturbing.

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    Published on April 23rd, 2009 in An Inconvenient Truth, Environment, Environmentalism, intrigues, life, Uncategorized

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