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    A few days ago I got kind of fed up of relying on a free hosting service provided me by my friends at unimatrix-one and shelved out the moneys needed for dreamhost. It's surprisingly little for what you actually get if you ask me.

    Upon registering I was offered a free domain to go with the hosting and having no better ideas at the time I did what any geek with a girlfriend would do. I made a domain out of my wench's nickname. Sure, at first I did intend it to be her blog because she is using something completely unfit for a geek's girlfriend, but as she said she doesn't need one I put up a picture of her. She loved the gesture, hates the picture ... and that's exactly why I chose that particular one.

    As for dreamhost, they seem quite nice so far. Responsiveness is superbly quick and I have more space than I could ever imagine I'd need, with said space increasing weekly, amazing. The monthly, I think it's monthly, transfer is also something I will probably never exceed ... and also increases weekly. Should the need ever arise I can even get a dedicated host ... lovely.

    So yeah, so far I'm pleased with dreamhost and it gave me a fun day, because what better can a geek want than a completely new hosting account to play with and set stuff up?

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    Published on December 29th, 2007 in life, linkages

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