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    Dude! The blog is read :O

    There have been many surprises regarding these blog over the past few days and one very huge one over the past few months. My readership has experienced a very odd fucking spike in that it's suddenly almost four-bloody-hundred a month whereas before I was lucky to push near 300. Another great surprise was talking to a lass in Norway the other day and when the topic of my computer came up she said something to the extent of Oh yeah I know, read the blog about that. Must say I was quite taken aback by that, what the fuck, people actually read that bunch of jibber jabber!?

    A few months ago a different kind of awesome happened, which I may already have talked about, but whatever, it was that in a debate on a forum someone wanted to prove me wrong and they ... quoted my blog that they found on the internets and had no idea it was from me ... very odd feeling indeed.

    But it hasn't always been like this and I fear all of this is merely some kind of freak occurence. When I think about it I started my first blog back when they were still called journals. Not sure what domain it was on and am pretty certain it's been lost to the great beyond, but I do know what I started it for. We were doing poets and writers in school and I realised the importance of their journals, that they were very useful to the posterity, of great help in deciphering their texts. So I started my own.

    Of course it was a total flop, think I managed writing it for not even three weeks. But it was an experience. Later, when I started my first webcomic, or maybe the webcomic came before ... anyway, it had a news section where I diligently wrote about stuff, not realising it - I was writing a blog. Later when I started Cthulhu and other crazies, which was of course a total flop, and bought this domain I also had a news section.

    Diligently, with every update of the comic I wrote and wrote. But since the comic was so overdesigned and the art way way too complex for anything but a monthly release schedule the news section became the most updated part of the website. And so slowly but surely it turned into a real proper blog.

    As you may have noticed the comic slowly slipped out of my update schedule and only the blog remained around here, even though it's still called "news", which is silly since it's a blog. But what's most surprising to me is that none of my webcomics, none of my previous blogs, ever managed to reel in even a quarter of the users this lonely jabbering blog does. Strange how things go, what was supposed to be a simple sideshow turned into the main attraction.

    This is why I will soon be reworking this site into a pure blog, all about me and my yapping. Hopefully all you readers will be amused and will even start leaving me a comment or two once I make it practically possible instead of merely a theoretical possibility.

    Thinking about how I had a blog when blogs weren't blogs yet makes me feel old, damn it.

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    Published on July 18th, 2008 in intrigues, life

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