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    From idea to seedcamp application in a week

    Seedcamp, as many probably know, is a bit like America's Next Top Model, but for entrepreneurs and their ideas. Therefore, apply I must, yes. Well the deadline was last night and we've done the best we can and now we wait for the gods of innovation to smile down upon us and smite us with their blessings.

    The whole process went a little bit like this:

    • work on a project with a vague idea of what you actually want (for a year)
    • get so involved with the details of the project that you forget to even consider the master vision
    • suddenly snap out of it and realise you've been approaching the problem all wrong
    • boil away all the cruft and come back to a naked master vision
    • decide to give it a new wrapping and rework the whole thing with help from some awesome people
    • realise something like this would do great on seedcamp with the right pitch
    • suddenly remember the deadline is in a week

    After that it was just a mad dash to the finish line, which ultimately culminated in a rather lovely pitch (a full 20 hours before deadline, lovely), a quite well working proof of concept prototype demo, which I'm not going to show you guys, and a video, which you're about to see.

    The whole week was packed chock full of twelve and more hour workdays, especially because I also had

    Published on August 24th, 2009 in Business, Information, life, Prototype, Seedcamp, Uncategorized

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    Senior Mindset Book

    Get promoted, earn a bigger salary, work for top companies

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