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    I got punched in the face and survived

    A few weeks ago a debate flared up between a mate of mine and myself. Who would win in a fight? A karateist or a classical boxer? It went on and on and just would not fucking die.

    It's an interesting debate that. Right up there with tiger vs. bear, narwhal vs. unicorn ...

    On Friday we decided to simply try.


    Sure, we're both noobs. I've been dabbling in boxing for about a year with several pretty long hiatuses, he's been doing karate for something like 5 months. Also, I haven't been to practice for a month now because of exams and crap.

    Naturally no such fight is complete without female spectators with a camera.


    All in all ... I lost. The fact that getting punched in the face without boxing gloves kind of hurts helped, him being 10 kilo heavier didn't help, my complete lack of good form ... sucked ... and since I'm much shorter than he is there was the added problem of just how bloody difficult he was to reach. Stupid bastard.

    Pretty much the only two things I had going for me was that our practice includes full contact, his does not so being actually punched in the face was something completely new for him, and as we discovered later, my reflexes are much better. He left many punches go unpunished, my retribution was swift and immediate.

    Also legs were surprisingly unproblematic.

    Onwards to the framegrabs! (since I'm not allowed to share the video due to poor photographical quality because Some Women (tm) can't handle technology)

    YDlrRjpg0ehbbc GbVUbjpgh0jafd B3pscjpg3e9ec6 NoUPCjpg971023 dW4HApnga34j0e jomRNjpg3793di PsL2ojpg20g492 T9Myojpg902f08 3oI3gjpg2i5e14

    For the record, a LOT more punches were thrown, the successful ones mostly from him ... but blurry framegrabs are blurry.

    Published on February 27th, 2011 in Boxing, Gyms, Sports, Uncategorized

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