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    There seems to be a growing tendency for people of different cultures to live together in the same area and for this to be accepted practice, whereas in the past an invading culture was aspired to be erased and destroyed ... usuall for good reason. But we have to ask ourselves, what is multiculture and what's more why?

    Well, those are actually rather difficult questions to answer. I guess multiculture would mean that different cultures live together in harmony. But that doesn't really make sense, why would different cultures be living together and why on earth would they get along? See the reason there are different cultures is that people are different, think differently and most of all, different cultures suit different environments better. For example, there exists a culture that doesn't eat pork. Why? Well because pork doesn't last very long in the desert and they'd all die ... it also tends to need a lot of water to grow.

    Right, so we understand the need for different cultures, like-minded people group together under a culture that works best in a certain environment. Sometimes different cultures work equally well in the same environment (explaining, for example, jews in europe) and there's nothing wrong with that. The ones that have lived together in the same area since forever and have proven equally resiliant against assimilation tend to complement each other well and not get into much trouble. But the problem arises with modern migration that seems to be so popular.

    The problem with migration is that cultures that aren't best suited for an environment are infiltrating a new, fully populated and filled, environment. Trouble arises because these people tend to be very giddy about retaining their culture while infiltrating another, in fact, most often it would seem like they want to make the host culture into their own, but not by assimilating, but by changing everybody else. This is wrong, but sadly encouraged. There are all these antiethnicism laws in place holding us back from defending our land and culture from the infidels. Yes, we should be more understanding, but you know what, if they so want to cling to their culture then fuck them, they can stay where their culture already is. There's a reason we have our own culture here. It works.

    But why this whole divide betwen us and them? The reason is rather simple in fact. People learn at a very young age to prefer people who look alike to people who are strangers. In fact this happens at the very birth when the little bastard learns to prefer their mother to anybody else. It's an evolutionary conditioned response to differences in appearance, because in the past those who didn't stick to their own, well ... died.

    Why is it that people who look alike are better? Simple really, everybody has a hardcoded tendency to want to make their species stronger and thus make it easier for their own offspring to survive. It happens on all levels of the animal kingdom (just observe how a male lion kills the children that are not his). People who look and act alike also tend to think alike, have the same preferences, the same aspirations and ambitions for life, and most of all, want to help those who are similar because by doing so they are helping themselves.

    So in the end, I believe multiculturalism is possible and I encourage it. But for the love of all that is humane, multiculturalism only works on a global scale, not at all when shoved into a single country or even a single city. Let's leave the cultures where they naturally are and stop artifficially mixing them up.

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    Published on March 13th, 2008 in food for thought, intrigues

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