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    Notes for my Scaling Fast talk next week

    Next week I'm giving a talk about Scaling Fast: Engineering lessons learned from tech startups at C3 Fest in Amsterdam. Decided to publish my notes because they look pretty useful on their own. Although I hope my stage presence adds a little something something. Enjoy :)

    • hook: your users are going 🏒 now what?
      • pic of a hockeystick graph
    • you need to scale 3 things
      • business
      • team
      • tech
    • scaling the business is simple, but hard
      • more sales
      • higher price
    • beware the S-curve
      • pic of S-curve
      • every business hits a ceiling when growth and churn balance out
      • you then need to figure out something new
      • linear growth (adding same N users per time unit) will never work long-term
    • why this matters?
      • this is your fuel
      • CAC + LTV = salaries and all
    • transition slide
      • gif of gromit laying track in front of train
      • while all this business stuff is happening, you’re trying to keep up with tech
    • scaling the team
      • like this (vertical teams), not like this (horizontal teams)
        • this is a sketchy sketch
      • different names for this concept
        • empowered teams
        • stream aligned teams
        • business capability centric teams
      • always the same goal – deliver value without being blocked
    • a team should
      • own their destiny
      • own their mess
      • understand their domain
    • Get us across the water, not build us a bridge
      • pic of empowered team
      • Involve engineers early, they understand the domain
      • Set goal, let team execute
      • you have lots of smart engineers, use them
    • Delegate decisions, not just tasks
      • person closest to the problem knows best
      • it feels good to be needed, but you can’t scale if 1 person is the bottleneck
      • this goes fractally up and down the org
      • build trust, then start taking decisions off their plates
    • work in progress kills your progress
      • obsess with getting things to done
      • measure PR time in minutes
      • merge straight to main
      • deploy many times per day
      • keep it all integrated
    • large discussions in PR are way too late - collaborate early - agree on the design before you write the code - shift left!
    • what about the tech?
      • in a way, tech is the easy part
      • 90% of the time you’re solving problems with known solutions
    • don’t overthink the tech
      • the older I get, the more my code looks like a step-by-step recipe
      • use off-the-shelf solutions where possible
      • adapt to your tools rather than reinventing
      • save your innovation tokens for differentiators
    • just solve the problem, not a different more difficult problem
      • biggest source of WIP and slow-downs is solving a bigger problem than you need
      • focus on what’s in front of you
      • aggressively cut anything that isn’t strictly required
      • make followup tickets
      • if any one requirement blows up complexity, push back
    • be a good partner to product
      • you’re the inputter
      • they’re the decider
      • you know best when something is easy or super hard
      • push back and you’ll be surprised how often the answer is “Oh, not worth it then”
    • prioritize architectural complexity
      • how your boxes connect matters more than how clean your boxes are
      • you can fix an isolated box
      • you can’t detangle a rat’s nest
    • use vertical modules
      • like this, not like this (similar pic to earlier teams)
      • orient your code on the business domain
      • not on the tech it uses
      • what does it do? forget the how, that will change
      • you can call these services, microservices, modules in a monolith, components in the UI, internal libraries, or whatever else you want
      • doesn’t matter. Just keep them separate and use clear APIs!
    • DRY is the root of much evil
      • better to have extra code you’ll merge later
      • than to have diverging concepts that are tied at the hip
      • don’t entangle code just because it looks similar right now
    • get your data right
      • "Show me your flowchart and conceal your tables, and I shall continue to be mystified. Show me your tables, and I won't usually need your flowchart; it'll be obvious." -- Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man Month (1975)
      • "Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships." -Linus Torvalds
      • code can come and go, but data is forever
      • the right data makes your code easy
      • the wrong data makes you do awful things in the code
    • that’s why vertical teams and code!
      • when your teams own their destiny
      • they can design the data and the code to work together
      • no weird handoffs and APIs that don’t quite do what you need
    • building software is like kicking a can
      • you’ll never know exactly what you need until you try
      • product development is a cycle
      • fast feedback loops beat big up-front design
    • only universal engineering rule
      • make it work
      • make it right
      • make it fast
      • first get something out there, when you know it’s doing the job clean it all up, then look for performance hotspots and fix those
    • thanks
      • go here for book: boop


    Published on June 8th, 2024 in Talks, Startups, Scaling Fast Book

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