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    The world is actually fair

    A lot of people claim the world is unfair and that good things only come to the undeserving and the people trying their hardest get the worst of what life has to throw at them. This, I believe, is weakling escapism employed by those unfitting of greatness, the weak ones who say winning doesn't matter, the ones envious of everyone successful, the ones spoiling our youth today instead of turning them into upstanding citizens.

    For you see, there comes an age in a person's life when it becomes their responsibility to weave their destiny, not of some elusive god, not of some elusive luck, their, their own. It is their fault for not being successful in life as it is somebody else's skill that makes them successful. Want to be successful? Pick up the fucking slack and do what needs to be done instead of whining about how hard it is. If you're a loser there's usually a reason for it, just as there is usually a reason for being successful.

    What I find silliest is that nearly all large religions, even science, agree to this, and yet we feed our youth crap bullshit stories every day. We tell them that only pigs are successful, we tell them upstanding citizens rot in poverty. Not so, eastern religions teach of karma (do good things and good things will come), western paganism teaches of what goes around comes around, christianity teaches of avoiding sin so as to achieve greatness, capitalism teaches of stepping on others and doing what needs to be done to strive, survival of the fittest is a very valid theory on life, the universe and everything.

    Guess what they all have in common? That's right, the thing they all have in common is that a person is responsible for their own fucking life and nobody else. Isn't it therefore somewhat silly that modern psychology tends to brand the traif of thinking victims deserve being victims as sociopathic? There's just so much enemies out there, so many proverbs, saying that this is so that I believe modern psychology is crap and all pulled out of someone's arse anyway.

    On the one hand it says that "Don't behave as a victim and you will not be victimised " while on the other it says "If you think victims are at fault for being victimised you are a sick person" ... what the hell?

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    Published on September 15th, 2008 in food for thought

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