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    Twitter censoring the WikiLeaks debate?

    Back in the good old days of social media ... early last year ... twitter was seen as a bit of a bad boy on the block. They didn't conform to anyone and when Iran made damn sure to censor the protests following the election into oblivion, Twitter stood tall and proud letting people communicate and even coordinate the protests.

    This year, when something even bigger and more important is happening ... Twitter doesn't seem to be quite as happy about it.

    Now, they may not be doing anything too horrible. Yes, you can still tweet the word WikiLeaks, yes there's only a small chance you're on everyone's watchlist already because you googled wikileaks or whatever.

    But it would seem that for whatever reason WikiLeaks is not a trending topic.

    So I made a little experiment. I clicked on the lowest trending topic of Kevin Hart and I made a search for WikiLeaks. Then I left both tabs open for 4 minutes.

    The final tally? Kevin Hart, 3 tweets. WikiLeaks, 55 tweets.

    Now I'm not sure what exactly is going on here, but it seems to be Twitter's little contribution to everybody in the US censoring the whole WikiLeaks thing. Perhaps not quite on the same level as Amazon denying DNS services and PayPal suspending their account ... but it's still something.

    What really bothers me though is that everyone is trying so fucking damn hard to censor this thing, but when it's about a different country and their shameful things. Meh, nobody cares.

    Is WikiLeaks going to become America's Tiananmen Square?

    Published on December 5th, 2010 in Amazon, PayPal, Twitter, Uncategorized, Wikileaks

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