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Who killed Amanda Palmer

This is why I love Amanda Palmer, just pre-ordered her album and got a very elaborate thank you over e-mail. Four pdf's and a stencil, it totally made my day so here's the first and most important pdf quoted for you:

Dear You, Listener -
It's Amanda.
Thank you, so much, for buying this record.
If you are downloading this file, it means that you know how to use a computer.
If you know how to use a computer, you could have easily gotten this record for free from
any of your friends.
But instead, you bought it. For that, I am truly grateful.
We are living in strange times for the record business.
Recorded music has been perceived as not worth paying for for a while now, but it still
costs money to record music.
Moreover, a musician must have money to eat, pay rent, buy instruments, do coke off of
strippersʼ tits and all of the other things musicians must do to find their muse.
It's going to be an interesting few years, these next few, while the business expands and
contracts and musicians experiment with new ways to actually make money off of their
recorded music while more and more people buy computers and figure out that to PAY for
music in a STORE is becoming rather ridiculous and redundant.
MY dream about the future is that the artist/listener relationship will trump everything else,
and that true fans and appreciators of artists will actively WANT to support them, will
WANT to give them money, perhaps in a slightly different configuration than we're used to.
I'm trying to figure out creative ways to do that. Time was, famous painters and musicians
had rich patrons and royalty who fed them and kept them kicking around because ART
MADE LIFE BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING. Nowadays, with the power of the net, a
mish-mashy assortment of people spanning the globe can be that patron, if it's wisely
organized. Those people would be, ahem, YOU.
For now, there are two simple, and very powerful, things you can do to help me
out....above and beyond buying this record, above and beyond buying merchandise and
concert tickets and books and all the other things I will try to entice you to buy: Stay in
touch with me (make sure you're on the MySpace or mailing list - if you're not, please,
please subscribe) and spread the word. Your recommendation about this record to a friend
means WAY more than any fancy marketing me or my label can do.
If you love it, share it. Really. Do.
Long live the punk cabaret, comrades.
amanda palmer
P.S. As a token of appreciation, please enjoy some previews of photos and a story from
Who Killed Amanda Palmer (the BOOK)...

I mean ... how often is it that people actually thank you for buying their stuff these days?

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Published on September 9th, 2008 in food for thought, life

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