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    Difference between Senior and Junior engineer

    Swizec and David talk about the key differences between Junior devs and senior devs, the concept of a 10x engineer, and different ways to gain experience quickly.

    Talking Points

    • Difference between Senior and Junior engineer
    • Ways to gain experience quickly
    • Career paths
    • 10x engineers
    • Setting up the right mindset

    Quotable Quotes

    • "You can have one year of experience five times or you can actually have five years of experience" - ST
    • "The more Junior somebody is, the more obsessed they are with their code following some sort of textbook perfection" - ST
    • "The more Senior people tend to focus on is delivering value" - ST
    • "The real art of engineering, specially in software, is how you respond to those evolving requirements, that's where most of the experience comes from" - ST
    • "Going to a product-focused startup is a really good way to rapidly learn a lot of things" - ST
    • "The actual titles aren't that important, they don't translate that well between different companies" - ST
    • "At some point you become so good that writing the code yourself is a waste of your time" - ST
    • "It doesn't matter how good of an engineer or a coder you are, a team of five people is always going to outcode you no matter what" - ST
    • "Figuring out ways to get the same benefit without building the feature" - DG
    • "Find people who have done that and talk to them" - ST
    • "Having much more the consultant mindset rather than an employee mindset" - DG
    • "If you are a developer, you have a superpower" - DG

    Junior to Senior – Sep 27, 2021

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