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    A visit to the dentist

    It took me six months to work up the courage to make an appointment for the dentist. After some initial confusionI finally managed to bump into someone and magically make an appointment before I could realize what was going on.

    An image from 1300s (A.D.) England depicting a...

    I was told to come back in a month.


    The experience taught me two things:

    1. My teeth are made of magic
    2. I am far more afraid of dentists than I had thought

    Ever heard of the expression white with fear? Turns out it can actually happen. Just like Tom turns completely white when a train is rushing towards him, so too my face turned white when I was sitting in that damn chair. Nearly fainted too.

    I never did like dentists much - seven years since my last appointment after all - but to nearly faint from fear? Nausea, tunnel vision, white face; the whole shebang! Didn't even feel that bad, but you know shit's going down when the dentist removes your glasses "just in case" and puts a wet rag on your forehead.

    Lucky for me, I have magical teeth and the tally from all the years of neglect is just:

    • one broken filling
    • three wisdom teeth with some caries
    • inflamed gums

    None of that OMG my wisdom teeth are breaking my head and trying to destroy everything!!! I honestly expected much worse, but hey, I'll take the deal ;)

    It also turns out I suck at keeping my mouth open and will be having much fun the next time I visit ... something about working on the back teeth and not being able to get the drill completely vertical and maybe not even being able to work on them ...

    Now my face feels funny from the injection, the optional injection. Can't imagine the amounts of pain there would be had I not told them that yes, yes I do want that injection thing. You did notice I almost fainted when you were just cleaning my teeth right? WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS!?

    Those things take a while to really kick in. She was almost done drilling before I stopped feeling everything and even then just the air blowing over my teeth hurt like hell. Not to even mention the disinfectant.

    Another appointment in a few weeks and then I guess I'm good to go for another seven years. Right?

    Published on January 25th, 2012 in Uncategorized

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