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    A year of 750words.com - with shiny graphs

    384 days ago I wrote my first morning pages on 750words.com

    Since then I have:

    • written 315,026 words (or about 7 novels)
    • spent 12 minutes on every day's words
    • written an average of 820 words a day
    • mentioned sex 408 times
    • mentioned tea 503 times
    • used 1402 curse words

    Writing the words every day is awesome. It's like morning exercise but for your brain - very awesome for waking up and forcing the brain to get up to speed and ready to face the day.

    And it's very liberating too. Since you're not writing for anybody, not even for yourself (I often mash out the whole thing with my eyes closed) you can say literally anything about anyone or anything. Sometimes things come out you didn't even know you were thinking!

    Awesomer still is the fact you now have a deep dataset about yourself. Your mood, your thoughts, going back ... very far. Seeing your feelings in such plasticity is quite interesting.

    Here's a graph of my mood for the past 384 days.

    Published on May 18th, 2012 in 750words, Arts, Facebook, Google, Uncategorized, Writers Resources, Writing, Writing Exercises

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    Senior Mindset Book

    Get promoted, earn a bigger salary, work for top companies

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