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    Announcing: Find Your Idea

    Derek Sivers once said that ideas are just multipliers. Start with a bad idea and you're gonna fail. Start with a great idea and with some luck and hard work, you're gonna crush it.

    AWFUL IDEA = -1
    WEAK IDEA = 1
    SO-SO IDEA = 5
    GOOD IDEA = 10
    GREAT IDEA = 15

    WEAK EXECUTION = $1000
    SO-SO EXECUTION = $10,000
    GOOD EXECUTION = $100,000
    GREAT EXECUTION = $1,000,000
    BRILLIANT EXECUTION = $10,000,000
    To make a business, you need to multiply the two.

    Derek Sivers was right {% if subscriber.first_name != blank %} {{ subscriber.first_name | truncatewords: 1, "" | capitalize }} {% else %} my friend {% endif %}. You need a good idea for your hard work to be worth it.

    Imagine pouring brilliant execution into a terrible idea 👉 minus $10,000,000. Yikes 😬

    We talked about that yesterday.

    Frederic Tudor started with a horrible idea – nobody wanted ice in the tropics. They didn't even know what to use it for. But he developed that initial hunch into a fantastic idea.

    30 years later everyone wanted ice. He made a killing, created a whole new industry, and died a wealthy man.

    So how do you know, if your idea is any good {{ subscriber.first_name | truncatewords: 1, "" | capitalize }}? How do you know whether it's a dud or a slow hunch that just needs some love? Hell, how do you get over the _"I don't have an idea"_ hump in the first place?

    Find Your Idea


    Find Your Idea is a short online workshop that teaches you how to source, classify, and validate your ideas before you jump in and waste your time.

    Worried you don't have ideas? Find Your Idea teaches you how to spot tens of ideas per week.

    Worried you don't have good ideas? Find Your Idea gives you a quick mental checklist.

    Worried you'll waste your time? Find Your Idea shows you the framework I use to validate and stair-step ideas from investing 5 minutes to verify a hunch all the way to seeing if anyone will buy.

    Don't wanna start a business? Find Your Idea helps you classify ideas into 3 buckets based on "What's the goal of this one?"

    Join this class and learn every mental model and quick hack I developed over the past 10 years of making money online and studying the bootstrapping greats that came before me.

    Find Your Idea happens on May 10th at 1pm Pacific and lasts about 2 hours. Structured as a workshop this isn't just some boring lecture.

    You'll do exercises, answer questions, analyze other people's ideas, and contribute your own. Walk away with a solid mental checklist that helps you qualify any idea in minutes, and a work sheet you can use to develop ideas in the future.

    Can't make it live? Don't worry.

    You'll get the raw recording right after. After some editing Find Your Idea will become a self-paced video workshop.

    Join now and you get access. Wait and it's 2x the price :)

    So {% if subscriber.first_name != blank %} {{ subscriber.first_name | truncatewords: 1, "" | capitalize }} {% else %} my friend {% endif %}, wanna learn a structured approach to creating and developing ideas? Join Find Your Idea.

    Got questions? Hit reply

    Cheers, ~Swizec

    PS: I'm closing this on Friday ❤️

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    Published on April 22nd, 2020 in Travel + Events

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