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    Announcing ServerlessReact.Dev – my new course on building apps from scratch

    Today I'm thrilled to announce my new course ServerlessReact.Dev on building webapps with the hyper productive modern stack.

    You're a brilliant engineer. Great at your job. Someone gives you a spec and you get it done. Bam 💪

    But can you ship a product on your own?

    Usually you work with others. They're slow. They're busy. There's meetings. Committees. Pull requests. Managers. Approvals. So much work about work that doesn't deliver value to users.

    groan giphy

    Every little thing involves a designer, a JavaScript expert, a CSS professional, a backend engineer, a database person, the QA team, the devops folks, the ...

    It takes you months to turn a star button into a like button.


    What if you could grab an idea by the horns and build the damn thing? Own a feature from start to finish?

    That's why I created ServerlessReact.Dev


    Click through for source
    Click through for source

    ServerlessReact.Dev is a video course that shows you how to build a modern webapp from scratch to launch using the hyper productive modern web stack.

    You'll learn everything you need to become a fullstack frontend engineer.

    ServerlessReact.Dev is focused on practical examples and showing you the whole process. Warts and all.

    When you follow a polished tutorial, you learn how to build that thing. But your skills don't transfer. And when something goes wrong, you're stuck.

    With ServerlessReact.Dev you get a behind-the-scenes look. I'll show you how to debug problems, how to design a solution, where to start, and when to say good enough.

    Learn the pragmatic way to build modern apps.

    We start with some theory, learn the stack, do some practical exercises to get a feel for technologies, then build a whole app. From a list of features to accepting payments.

    What's in ServerlessReact.Dev

    ServerlessReact.Dev covers the new technologies that represent the future of web development. Get ahead of this exciting new paradigm shift.

    – Learn how to build blazing fast static-first React apps with Gatsby

    – Learn how to use GraphQL to minimize API requests

    – Leverage design systems to build beautiful apps without designers

    Serverless technologies for adding functionality on the server

    Store and manage data in a database

    Payments integration

    Authenticate users and keep track of their accounts

    JAMStack deployments for production-ready frontend code

    – The Edge First Architecture for frontend state management using React Hooks

    I want to show you everything you need to build blazing fast static-first webapps and launch a successful product on the side. And if you don't want to launch products, these techniques will streamline your workflow at the day job.

    YOU can build the whole thing. Whatever it is.

    And just this week, ServerlessReact.Dev is $100 off until Jan 31st.

    Start owning ideas like a pro 👉 ServerlessReact.Dev


    PS: got some questions? hit reply

    PPS: I built an entire new course platform just for ServerlessReact.Dev and I couldn't have done it without the modern stack

    Published on January 27th, 2020 in Personal

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