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    You may be wondering just what a chatslave is and it would appear that in fact does not actually exist even though it's fully known and understood by just about everyone who's ever talked to me online. Wonder who made it up, was it me or did I pick it up from somewhere? Rather impossible to say really, but for anyone who doesn't know, the word describes a person you talk rather a lot to on msn or stuff.

    I've had many chatslaves over the years, sometimes even more than one at a time (go figure). Chatslavery always started with a few brief words on a forum or something and then transcended into instant messaging where ti would flare up and explode all over their and mine lives until it waned and went kaput. The reasons for it going kaput were always different and never very well defined, but it usually meant that one or another stopped having as much time for chatting.

    The interesting part about chatslavery is really just how many pet names, of one sort or another, are made up and how many "dears" and "darlings" fly around and just how much flirtation, well I guess it could be called flirtation, there is in the air ... usually also sexual tension. As far as dears and darlings go it's really just how english works, you can call anyone a darling or a love ... flirtation however is probably a different story. It's interesting to me just how many paralels can be drawn between chatslavery and a relationship, it follows very similar principles except the two aren't in a relationship and have no intention ever to be. It's more of a friendship really, but at the same time not exactly a friendship.

    Funniest thing about chatslavery, to me, is how it would appear that just about any girlfriend I've ever had gets terribly jealous of your chatslaves without even realising that there's really nothing to be jealous about. There is a high likelihood I will never meet a chatslave and even if I do there won't be any inclination to do anything other than friendly stuff with them. In fact, most so far have stopped being my chatslaves right after we met in real life because they simply were not fun anymore.

    There's only one chatslave I've ever had that didn't become weird after we met, but ... meh, no buts, my girlfriend is jealous enough of her as it is. The girlfriend should realise that I have absolutely zero intentions with the chatslave and the chatslave ... meh, the chatslave is fun and advises me on dealing with my girlfriend so she stays. Hell, I'm gonna need her once the bird gets fed up with me to help me pick up the pieces because I just know without the help I'll be a complete wreck yet again.

    Edit: oh, one more thing .. Girlfriend, stop fussing for if there wasn't this abundance of chatslaves I could never deal with you and be able to understand you even as much as I do now and seeming as how you're only my second it would be in essence just another high school fling that cannot last. Believe me, it's much better this way.

    Published on March 6th, 2008 in Uncategorized

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