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    Circadian rhythm meltdown

    My circadian rhythm has always followed its own sort of clock and I've never quite been able to look like anything other than a raging insomniac to most people. Lately though, it's gotten absolutely bonkers.

    Last Friday I actually got to sleep at a pretty reasonable hour, about 4am. This is still pretty normal. I got up at about 9 because there was some hiking I had to do. Ok sure, a bit earlier than my saturday usual, but fine. 6 hours of sleep is the daily norm after all.

    That evening I watched soe movies and somehow didn't go to bed until around 6am. Yikes-ish. Still, got up at 11am. A it groggy and weird, but alright, 5 hours is sill pretty r easonable for a sunday right?

    I think Sunday to Monday was normal. Bed at aout 4, up at about 10. Yay, let's put the weirdness of the weekend behind us.

    And then came Monday night. I had some work to do, but eventually fell asleep at about 4:30 anyway.

    Now the fun begins.

    I got up at 7:30.

    All refreshed and sooper hyper most of the day. I practically danced to work rather than walked.

    The eening shifted tides on me though. Suddenly I was very fucking sleepy and when my face started feeling like a mask and I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror (iphone camera) anymore I went to bed ... at 10pm.

    I haven't gone to bed at 10pm since I was twelve!

    But guess what? I got up at 3 fucking am!

    3am! That's my usual bed time damn it. So not only did I completely waste one of the most productive parts of the day, I was now awake through the sleepiest part of the day.

    Not sure what's going on, but it's being bloody stupid.

    PS: there's a good article on weirdos who don't need sleep over at Wall Street Journal

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    Published on April 5th, 2011 in Circadian rhythm, Conditions and Diseases, Health, Sleep Disorders, Uncategorized

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