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    Debauchery at BcLj2

    There we were, dozens upon dozens of likeminded geeks and almost three girls! We had taken over the Josef Stefan institute and made it our own place of networking debauchery and pizza consumption.

    The experience was something completely different from last time I sniffed such an event. Most notably it was my second time so I knew exactly what to do, whom to talk to and it was all in all a much friendlier feeling since I knew something like 70% of the faces instead of like 10% I knew last time. Yep. Slovenia is incredibly small like that.

    Most of the presentations I went to were quite fascinating if a bit dull at times ... except for one miss @sparkica whose Brainmachine presentation was lightyears ahead of everyone else's in terms of entertainment value. Her (joking?) narcissism really puts the icing on top of all her sillines and I do believe if she someday decided to stop being a computer scientist a darling career in comedy easily awaits her call the morning after.

    I was also very pleased with how my lightning talk turned out, apparently people found it as refreshing as I'd hoped to have a guy standing in front of a nearly packed auditorium in complete silence for five minutes. My biggest fear was the slides wouldn't end up entertaining enough and the audience would start chattering amongst each other. BUT! They all went along with it nicely, the impromptu musical background Mr. Brdo came up with (People Are Strange - The Doors) was incredibly fitting as well.

    However I'm not so certain whether my lightning talk was more of a presentation or an art installation, what do you guys think?

    Anyhow, the official tally at the end of the day was:

    • 17 talks
    • 12 lightning talks
    • 2 geeks in the hospital after fainting at the sight of that big boobed hostes
    • 3 lost virginities
    • 1 person trampled to death trying to get sparkica's autograph
    • 5 constipations from pizza overload
    • 1 very bored waiter
    • 2 very hot Red Bull Bunnies
    • 1 disgusted look from vegetarian burek
    • 10 awkward geek-to-girl conversations

    PS: sorry I couldn't make it to the after party, but after wednesday's openCoffee and thursday's @freeeky taking me out drinking and the barcamp I must've met something like 20+ new people this week. That's more than I usually meet in a month and my brain just isn't used to it.

    PPS, my slides:

    Something Silly

    View more presentations from Swizec.

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    Published on May 16th, 2009 in BarCamp, Geek, life, review, Uncategorized

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