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    Dieting with results in a week

    A few weeks ago I decided it was finally time to stop prancing around the issue like a goddamn pony and start doing something about it. There was too much fat on my body, my weights training hasn't been going anywhere for several months and I was generally displeased with my body. So it was time for a radical change in my dietary habits because there is just so much you can get out of training. Food is the rest.

    The biggest issue with what I wanted to do was that I needed to get slimmer without losing weight, in fact, with increasing my weight. And that's hard to do because most diets you read about will tell you how to lose extra weight, no matter whether it's fat or muscle, just as long as it's gone - the stupid masses even fall for that. They lose some weight but they're still fat, so they spend more money on more diets.

    Obviosly, since I'm smarter than everyone else, the only solution was to devise a diet of my own. The first order of business was increasing the amount of food I ate in a day. That's right, I eat more now. See the reason this had to be done was that before I was used to eating a few large meals a day, but what this does is trick your body into thinking it's starving and so it builds up more fat deposits. Instead of one or two large meals a day I now eat three regular meals.

    Next on my TODO list was cutting most fat and all crap food out of my diet. No more cookies, no more chocolate, no more frying, only boring things. I've decided to still eat nearly anything I damn well please over the weekends because, frankly, life isn't worth living if you can't ejoy eating just anything a few times a week. Ok, so my diet has changed, but somethign more is needed.

    Now that I was eating differently the problem was getting enough nutrients to build my weight up while losing fat. So what I did was buy protein powder to make protein shakes right after every workout - this has the double benefit of being very convenient and having just the right amount of protein and carbs while having very little fat. Next to this evening meal and the normal dinner I have there was a need for a third meal somewhere in between. Since I'm not at home during the day making meat or other proper food was out of the question so I opted for protein bars. Half of one for lunch and you're full all day.

    With this changed diet I noticed my belly and arms started having less flab in a mere week! A week people! It's gonna take a while longer to get where I actually want to be, but this is looking promising. Just remember the golden rule about diets, don't go on a diet, change your habits.

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    Published on August 25th, 2008 in intrigues, life

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