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    Dietary experiments

    A few months ago I've spoken about student food going up in price and that I will most probably stop eating student food as a result. I would even find that particular post to link if I had more time to develop this blog and included a search, but alas, no luck.

    So anyhow, after the leftover student certificates held up for a month and then the exam season started when I was at home all day long and thus had the time and energy to cook real food, I have this weekend finally come to a point where it's time to start depending upon myself for food again. However, I still don't want to buy student certificates because I still think spending that much money on a single meal is rather excessive.

    But without eating food from the fridge and without going out to eat, what other option am I left with? It just so turns out I have a bunch of protein and protein bars lying around because I usually have a protein shake after working out and used to have half a protein bar for lunch a while back until I got bored with it and was left with a bunch of unused bars.

    The solution was simple, replace the one regular meal per day with a protein meal. So for some time I will now be eating one protein bar and one protein shake a day, which is supposedly somewhat unhealthy and rather unwise. I'm not sure, that's why it's called an experiment.

    The potentially biggest problem I'm facing with this whole thing is that the previously described dietary intake plus some tea and perhaps fruit/vegetable for vitamins amounts to only about 700 calories a day, which isn't very much far as I know (recommended is 1500 a day). And somewhat quite interestingly after being on this diet for only two days I've noticed that I get a lot more tired at the gym and need much larger breaks. I also seem to think a little bit slower, but that could be the side-effect of very little caffeine input today.

    Hopefully this new diet of mine will make me lose some fat off my body while being enough substance to at least sustain muscle mass ... and hopefully I won't, you know, faint or anything.

    Published on March 10th, 2009 in life

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