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    Do waste many a single moment

    Touch a new day, by Lana Isabella
    Touch a new day, by Lana Isabella

    Life isn't short. Life is the longest thing you will ever do.

    It is okay to work less than eleven hours a day.


    I ran my first startup into the ground. While hitting a wall. And bouncing off a speeding train when hitting a cement truck.

    Why? Because I thought working more meant getting more done. That doing more work will sort everything out, stuff will suddenly start working, users will discover us and everything will be awesome. Of course productive output scales linearly with time. What do you mean it doesn't?

    Being busy isn't the same as being productive though.

    You are infinitely more useful to everyone when you are well rested than when you are burned out. Wasting time is a great way to gain some perspective, to take a step back and reflect. See whether you're even solving the right problems.

    Solving the wrong problem takes just as long as solving the right one. Except it doesn't get you anywhere - the real problem is still there.

    It is important to remember that when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, creative time looks like a complete waste. You are responsible. Everything is up to you. How can you justify farting around on Twitter? Or writing blogs? Or taking that 4 hour coffee with a random friend?

    Even when that friend spent 20 minutes complaining about a big pain point you can solve?

    Even when that next big client found you through your blog?

    Even when some guy on Twitter said "hey, I really love your product, but it's missing <this>"?

    Waste time. Have fun. Live life.

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