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    $4093 June sidehustle report

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    June was a wonderful month. Just brilliant.

    My video about getting a new 2017 Macbook Pro got 1000 views. My first ever video to do so in a reasonable amount of time. I have some old ones that got that much over like 6 years but that doesn't count.

    Honestly it's the best video I ever made. Took some advice from Casey's how to vlog like Casey video. More cinematic shots, less first person shaky cam, more attention to having a real story arc.

    It worked. Now I just gotta figure out how I can make all my videos like that. And how can I make more videos in the first place. I'd love for each and every of my articles/blogposts to have a video attached to it, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.

    Or I'm too slow at making the things :)

    Oh and I got a new laptop! Paid for in full by the sidehustle. Achievement unlocked! Although it did create some cashflow problems 🤔

    If you're buying a new $3000 laptop, don't at the same time forget about an unpaid $2500 invoice for your tax accountant who probably saved you plenty of money on taxes. Probably ... Not like I can afford a second opinion at these rates :D

    What else?

    Oh! I ran a Patreon experiment and I can't decide if it was a smashing success or an abject failure. But the sidehustle does have $46 in monthly recurring revenue now.

    I'll figure out how to grow that I'm sure. It's like traffic and email subscribers. Getting a bunch of people to your blog is great, but if you can turn them into subscribers who keep coming back, then you're actually building something.

    Same with selling. Subscribers trump one offs. You can build a real scalable business on stuff that people come back to buy. Very hard to build a scalable business on stuff people buy once and never need again.

    So here's June in numbers 👇

    Total revenue: $4,093

    Gumroad sales: $1064 - React+D3v4: $735 - fees - React+D3 ES6: $383 - fees - ES6 Cheatsheet: $22 - fees

    Leanpub sales: $418 - Why Programmers Work at Night: $24 - React+D3: $20 - React+D3 ES6: $374

    Why do people still buy the very first edition of React+D3? I should retire it 🤔

    React Native School: $1467

    Packt Quarterly Royalties: $865

    Time investment: 60 hours

    Expenses: $5041

    • MacBook Pro: $3269
    • Dongles: $178
    • Editor: $500
    • VA: $325
    • Facebook Ads: $236
    • 99designs: $200
    • Hosting: $10
    • LiveEdu: $10
    • Drip: $184
    • Mailchimp: $20
    • Flaticon: $10
    • SumoMe: $99

    I should really merge Drip and Mailchimp and stop using the chimp. It's not like I ever send email to those people anymore, it's just a waste of money. I think the only reason I keep it is because of Why Programmers Work at Night and Leanpub's integration with Mailchimp. And lack of integration with Drip.

    Hourly rate after expenses: -$15.8


    This is what you would call a loss month. Oops.

    But hey, the laptop is going to more than amortize over the next 5 years of its useful lifespan. Even if it's just 4 years, it's gonna be put to work. Hard.

    PS: React+D3v4 is almost donesky. Got through test driving most of it, decided to add a chapter on React Native, and my intrepid editor is almost done fixing my grammar fuckups. It's turning out great. Best React book ever.

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    Published on July 3rd, 2017 in Business, Side Projects

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