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    Dressing funnily

    Ever since I was a wee little lad I've liked dressing in a quirky, sometimes odd, but always weird-ish fashion. I started out so far ago I can't even remember when it actually was, but I do know what it was. I love wearing long sleeve sweaters and similar garb with shorts even though everyone knows you're supposed to go short-sleeved before you move from normal trousers to shorts.

    Later on, or maybe this was sooner, in preschool I wanted to be put in shirts and ties and such silly nonsense, why I don't know, but I do know I wanted it and that there exists a photo of me being dressed like that and it is simply magnificent. Later still, when puberty started hitting, I admitedly dropped the ball and started dressing like everyone else. Baggy was the style of choice back then, so I wore everything a few sizes too large, which was only kind of silly, it'd be much better if I didn't exagerate as much.

    Then high school came and I decided to start wearing only black, not certain as to why that choice was made anymore, but I do know why I keep upholding it and probably will forever. It's the simple fact that black is a cool colour. It looks good on me, makes me look slimmer, taller and sexier. Just plain black is boring though, so it's important to dress in a quirky way to accentuate and make it look better - colour highlights, also, are a very cool thing.

    This is why, amongst other reasons, I've bought a hat last summer and decided to always keep the monotony broken with a card. The card acts in two ways, one is that it's a different colour than the rest of me, it breaks up the colour monotony (just as there's usually something drawn on my t-shirt) and because it's square whereas the hat is round it also breaks up the hat's shape, making it look more appealing. People often compliment me on the hat, say that it's of an awesome shape, things like that, but what they do not realise is that it's the card doing that, the card is making the hat appear to have some awesome shape whereas in reality it's just a regular bowler.

    Last autumn I decided to accesorise even more and bought a very long black scarf. It's a good thing, I love how far it falls when it isn't all rolled up and how the ends flail around when I walk. I also love it when I wrap it around twice and it covers my whole neck ... best combination ever is walking around in a t-shirt with a scarf wrapped around your neck. Very good for indoors.

    Now all I need is a cane. That's right, a cane. Then my look will be complete for now. After the cane is got I have to start looking into buying more shirts, vests, tailsuits and of course, more hats. A monocle wouldn't be bad either ...

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    Published on September 17th, 2008 in intrigues, life

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