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    I made a steampunk costume

    Every couple of years I actively participate in our version of mardi gras and dress up in a costume. It's usually something mundane like dressing up as a living statue or a girl or whatever.

    Full costume

    This year, however, I decided to go full out. Finally, an excuse to make a steampunk costume!

    I'm not the handiest person in the world so the whole thing was a bit of a mess - not a single straight cut anywhere, parts of my room are now gold and there is trash everywhere. But I had a lot of fun working manually for two days. It's remarkably refreshing to do something in meatspace now and anon.

    All the manly work even made my fifth chest hair grow! Score!

    I'm quite pleased with the result, the costume turned out pretty decent and only cost about 30 euro in parts and another ~300 euro in time. Plus whatever old crap I found collecting dust around the house; like for instance, bits of my high school death metal outfit.

    It begins with a pile of junk

    Regular welding glasses from a store, just added the fluff

    First stage of shoulder armor - an old belt, strip of cloth and leather tied on with aluminium wire

    The hat is actually something I always wear

    Normal welding gloves and some wire

    Took several tries to make symmetric wings

    The trick is to apply copper paint with a sponge

    Armor panels

    The finished shoulder armor drying

    The gloves turned out quite well

    Manliest my desk has ever looked

    Slightly bigger picture of full outfit

    Unfortunately the costume did not prevent me from accidentally getting way too drunk at the party. Lost my real glasses, the hat, my keys, even my moleskine.

    All in all, the most expensive party I've ever been to ... but at least the costume is cool :)

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    Published on February 23rd, 2012 in Clothing, Costume, Shopping, Steampunk, Uncategorized, Victorian era

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